Big Data: Through the eyes of Bioinformatician

In broad terms we can say Bioinformatics is the product of Biological sciences and Information Technology.

Paulien Hogeweg, a Dutch biologist along with Ben Hesper, coined the term –Bioinformatics as "the study of informatics processes in biotic systems" (how informations in genes from one generation get transfer to another)

In recent time, Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field including Biochemistry, mathematics, computer sciences and other sciences, which aims to understand Biological data by developing methods and software. It also addresses the need to manage and analyse massive data being produced through genomic research. 

Bioinformatics as an interdiscipline field
According to an article, of the four Big data domain (other being twitter, youtube and astronomy), the acquisition of genomic data may exceed 1 zetta-bases (1012 Giga-bases) per year by 2025, anticipating that this will include the genomic sequences for around 1.2 million species.

Growth of DNA sequencing